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phosfate sandoponic garden

helsinki biennial 2023 Finland

PHOSfate is a collaboration between Mohamed Sleiman Labat, an artist and writer born in the Sahrawi refugee camps, southwest Algeria, and Pekka Niskanen, a media artist, filmmaker and researcher based in Helsinki.

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Te Tuhi Gallery, Aotearoa New Zealand


Te Tuhi’s Project Wall features the pairing of projects by Matthew Galloway and Mohamed Sleiman Labat. In different ways, Endless and Desert Strawberries both shed light on Aotearoa’s reliance on phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara.

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phosfate artistic research

Kone foundation residency

Two artists from two different backgrounds and contexts meet up for a casual conversation one day and end up with an idea for an artistic research project connecting two different aspects of one story affecting their lives: phosphate.

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Seed Bank is an art project by Mohamed Sleiman Labat and the farming families to collect, preserve and swap local seeds as part of their garden practices in the Sahrawi refugee camps.

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migratory birds

MUA. Museo de la Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Migratory Birds is an art collaboration between Mohamed Sleiman Labat and Rahma Mohamed Bachir Sidahmed to explore the impact and significance of migratory bird cycles in different environments.

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For Fair Saturday Event, Mohamed Sleiman Labat teamed up with kids from Bubisher Library and MPDL to recreated the Great Wave of Hokusai using different plastic and discarded materials collected from around Samara camp. 

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Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki
hands, myymala2

Hands is a photography journey to tell the story of my father through the movement of his hands

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The Nomadic Calendar

The Art of Naming the Years

An on-going research project. A collaboration between Sahrawi Artist Mohamed Sleiman Labat and his father to collect, document and study the Nomadic Calendar as narrated by the elderly in the Sahrawi community…

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A collaborative presentation by Mel Chin, with the people of the Western Sahara, Ahmed Boukhari, Dr. Richard Corkish, Markus A. R. Kayser, Mohamed Sleiman Labat, Jonathan Teo, with thanks to Robin Kahn, Kirby Gookin, and Representative Mohamed Yeslem Beissat

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Community art tent

Luleå Biennial 2024

A nomadic art tent made in collaboration with the Sahrawi women in Samara camp

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Hastings City Gallery

Exploring the shifting political grounds of global food production, Empty Vessels and Desert Narratives is a dialogue between Aotearoa New Zealand artist Matthew Galloway and Sahrawi Western Saharan artist Mohamed Sleiman Labat.

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PHOSfate Community Garden

PHOSfate Community Art Garden

With the exhibited Sandoponic garden, Sleiman Labat and Niskanen experiment with growing diverse vegetables parallel to family gardens in the Hamada Desert.

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